Major Projects


4717 S. Robertson, New residence

T.C.I. Cold Storage Office, Interior

1124 Philip Street, Historic renovation

4622 Baudin Street, New residence

Brown Residence, New residence

2233 Carondelet Street, Renovation

4328 Center Street, New residence

751 Robert E. Lee, New residence

4242 Judge Perez Blvd, Building shell

219 Rosewood Drive, N residence

2 Farnham Place, New residence

4323 Bienville Street, Restaurant renovation

4 Farnham Place, New residence


Albasha Restaurant,  Slidell, Interior

1707 Coliseum Street, Addition

3021 8th Street Apartments, New building

134 Hector, New residence

Kid Zone, Hwy 59 Mandeville, Interior

304 Bella Drive, New residence

Cypress Physical Therapy, LaPlace, Interior

Rodrigues Residence, Grayton Beach Florida, New residence

1731 N. Dupre St. New residence

818 Metairie Road, New residence

212 West Beach Drive, New residence

Culinary Kids, Mandeville, Interior

1430 Dante Street, Addition

26359 Mildred Drive,  New residence

Weekend Salon, 2949 Veterans Blvd. Interior


242 Mehle Street, New residence

Llama Residence, Clipper Estates, Slidell, New residence

Murray Residence, Sandstone Estates, New residence

1723 O.C. Haley Blvd., Restaurant, Interior

6121 Elysian Fields, Clinic building shell

6505 West End Blvd. New residence

Body Image Clinic, La Place, LA. Interior

Covington Place Town homes, 10th Street, Covington, New town homes

410 Hector Ave. Metairie, New residence

1224 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans, Interior

239 Ridgeway Drive, New residence

600 Metairie Road, Spa Interior

T.C.I. Warehouse Building, 3401 Alvar Street, New Orleans, New building

1608 Ellis Park, New residence

318 Coffee Street, Mandeville, New residence

Matta Clinic, Covington, New building

36 Oaklawn Avenue, New residence

206 Green Street, Interior renovation

220 Carroll Street, Mandeville, Renovation/Addition

2222 Brainard St, New Orleans,Addition

2528 Upperline Street, New Orleans, Addition


6558 Orleans Ave. New residence

Trinity Lab. Covington, New clinic interiors.

Anytime Fitness, Picayune, Interior

Cowbell Restaurant, New Orleans, Renovation

Halvoic Residence, Money Hill, Abita Springs, New Residence

2325 Upperline Street. Addition

250 Marigny Avenue, New residence

6743 Catina Street, New residence

719 Canal Roadway, New residence

Dentist office, 2636 Athania Street, Metairie, Interior

3 Tokalon Place, New residence

744 Florida Boulevard, New residence

Stone Creations warehouse, Painter’s Row, Covington, New building

422 S. Cortez Street, Renovation/Addition

4861 Laurel Street, Renovation/Addition

307 Sena Street, Metairie, New residence

Anytime Fitness, LaPlace, Interior

416 S. Olympia Street, New residence

T.C.I. Warehouse Building, 3900 France Road Parkway, New Orleans, New building


Twiner Residence, Ormond, New residence

203 S. Jefferson Davis Pkwy Office renovation

901 Filmore Street, Covington, Residence Addition 

115 Rosewood Drive, New residence

819 Conti Street, New Orleans, Restaurant renovation

105 Winthrop Place, New residence

111 Rosewood Drive, New residence

Café Lynn, Mandeville Restaurant Renovation

135 Hesper, Metairie, Residence Renovation

711 Beau Chene Drive, Residence renovation

523 Walker, New Orleans Addition


930 Canal Street, New Orleans, Restaurant

Albasha Restaurant, Severn Metairie, Interior project

Belt Residence, Gabriel Kenner, New residence

Porter Residence, Folsom New residence

Wayfare Restaurant, Freret Street, New Orleans, Interior project

1800 Magazine Street, Square Root Restaurant, New Orleans

Dat Dog Magazine Street, New Orleans, Restaurant renovation

601 Frenchmen Street, Dat Dog, New Orleans, New building

Covington Place Cottages, Covington New residences

216 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Nightclub renovation

1224 Decatur Street, New Orleans, Historical restoration

Covington Body Shop, Phase 3 warehouse


348 Melody Drive, Fairway Development Metairie, New residence

Choices of Louisiana Clinic, Covington New design, clinic building

Clay Street Duplex, Metairie, New duplex

919 Esplanade Avenue Apartments, New Orleans, Historic Renovation

131 Royal Street, New Orleans, Restaurant design

Choices of Louisiana Clinic, Hammond Interior project

Yaniga Karate studio, Covington Interior 

Skin Science Clinic, Metairie, Interior project


441 Royal Street, New Orleans, Historic 

Zydeco Restaurant, Hwy 59, Mandeville, Build out

40 Breakwater Drive, New Orleans, Boathouse renovation

Subway Restaurant, Hwy 59, Mandeville, Restaurant build out

Lawn Cript Complex, Lake Charles, New crypt project

Village Maison Town homes, Walker, New town home complex.

251 Garden Road, New residence

712 Jefferson Avenue, New residence

Rotolos Pizza, Walker New restaurant 

C&R Office complex, Hammond New office complex.

Strawberry Village Apartment complex, Hammond LA

Covington Body Shop, Covington LA, Phase 2 warehouse

Cargill plant projects, warehouse and control room projects

TCI Trucking warehouse, New Orleans, LA. New warehouse building

Woodlawn Warehouse, LaPlace,  warehouse office addition

Roman Builders, New Orleans, numerous house plans

Babin Residence, Prairieville, New residence


219 N. Peters Street, Historic renovation

632 Bourbon Street, Historic renovation

Village Maison Towhomes, Walker, New town home complex

409 Bourbon Street, Historic renovation

Martinez Residence, Cardinal Lane, The Sanctuary, Mandeville, LA

637 Canal Street, Historic renovation

915 Decatur Street, Historic renovation

C& R Office renovation, Metairie, LA.

Covington Body Shop, Covington, New warehouse building


501 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Restaurant renovation

Oak Heritage Town Homes, Prairieville, Town home complex

Lore Residence, Northline Metairie, New residence

Peace Residence, Beau Chene Mandeville, New residence

Karate studio, Mandeville, Interior project

Tim Clark Construction, New Orleans, Multiple residential projects

Frederick Residence, River Ridge, New residence

Four-Plex complex, St Phillip Street, New Orleans, Design and permits


American Tradeshow, New Warehouse 

Madisonville Chiropractic Clinic, Building addition

Roman Builders, New Orleans, Multiple house plans

Stone Creations Warehouse, Covington

5710 Laurel Street, Renovation

Denniger Four-plex, Walker 

Denniger Warehouse buildings, Walker

507 Bourbon Street, Renovation

106 Royal Street, Renovation

633 Canal Street, Renovation

Ronin Steakhouse, LaPlace, Restaurant build-out

Cornerstone Church, Mandeville, New church building

Bible Church, Ponchatoula, Addition to sanctuary

Ford Street Storage Complex, New storage complex

Elmwood Dental, Metairie, New dental office

531 Bienville Street, New Orleans, Restoration / apartments ( VCC Award )


816 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, Exterior restoration

Whitener Snacks, Norco, Building renovation

Chill Rite Warehouse, Slidell, New warehouse building

Office Building, Madisonville, New office building           

531 Bienville Street, Historic renovation

700 Royal Street, Historic renovation

524 Dauphine Street, Historic renovation

1235 Bourbon Street, Historic renovation

2900 Elysian Fields, New Orleans, building renovation into storage units

704 N. Rampart Street, New Orleans LA

527 Conti Street, Historic renovation

O.C. Haley Blvd. New Orleans, Building renovation, apartments

911 Decatur Street, Historic renovation

Puchino’s Coffee shop Magazine Street, Build-out

Harvey Warehouse, Hammond,  warehouse building

3523 Royal Street, Historic renovation

Tailgaters Restaurant, Restaurant build-out

Halpern’s parking lot project, New Orleans, LA. building demo/parking lot

207 N. Peters Street, Historic renovation

301 Decatur Street, Historic restaurant renovation

709 Bourbon Street, Historic renovation

230 Decatur Street, Historic renovation

The Boat Doctor Warehouse. Elmwood, new warehouse/shop building

All Pro Glass Warehouse, Elmwood, New warehouse building


Halpern’s Furniture warehouse, New Orleans, Interior renovation

Great Horizon Realty, New Orleans, Renovation

Grocery Store Renovation, 3911 Washington Avenue, New Orleans

526 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, Historic Renovation

Muhleisen Funeral Home, Kenner, Addition

Animal Clinic, Clay Phister, Mandeville, New vet clinic building

Dr. Lu Residence, New Orleans, New residence

Ronin Steakhouse, Ruston,  Restaurant build-out

Thrifty Car Rental, LaPlace, Interior project

Matranga Residence, Mandeville, New residence


Pleasure Pools Warehouse, New warehouse building

Hammond Apartment Complex, Hammond, Apartment design

Tommy’s Wine Bar, New Orleans, Interior renovation

Camenzuli Residence, New residence

200 Decatur Street, New Orleans, Restaurant & bar project

922 Canal Street, New Orleans, Health spa project

Belle Terre Office Building, LaPlace, New office building

Smith Residence, Lakeshore Drive, New residence

544 Bourbon Street, Renovation

625 Chartres Street, Renovation

Sullivan Residence, Money Hill, New residence

Pelichem Warehouse, Slidell Warehouse

Deleo Office building, New law office building

Monster Storage, Slidell, New storage complex.


Choices of Louisiana Clinic. Alexandria, New clinic building

506 Conti Street, Historic renovation

613 Decatur Street, Historic renovation

Tommy’s Cuisine, New Orleans, Kitchen renovation

Choices of Louisiana Clinic, LaPlace, New clinic building

Advanced Building Products, Jefferson, Warehouse

540 Chartres Street, New Orleans, Exterior restoration. (VCC award)

915 Decatur Street, New Orleans, Exterior restoration.

Slidell Retail Center, Hwy 190 Slidell, New retail building

Leach Residence, Mandeville, Renovation.

1019 Decatur Street, New Orleans, Restoration

Puchinos coffee shop Canal Street, New Orleans, Interior build-out